*Review* Hot And Bothered by Lori Foster, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Victoria Marquez

Hot and Bothered - Victoria Marquez, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Lori Foster

Who doesn't love 4 short steamy stories in one?!?!

Luring Lucy by: Lori Foster 
Bram could get any woman he wanted but instead he was his eyes and heart set one woman, that woman's name is Lucy, a widow with 2 kids

This story is one of my favourites. Just love the chemistry Bram and Lucy share. just sad how shirt this story is, this story deserves more!!!

Truth Or Dare by: Laura Bradley

Who doesn't love a hardcore bullrider?!
This story follows a undercover PI named Shay McIntyre who is investigating some serious mysterious incidents at a rodeo, only to find herself playing with the biggest bull of them all, and his name is Luke Wider.

This story is another one my favourite of mine. Towards the end, it had me at the edge of my seat.

Compromised by Gayle Callen
This story follows a rich young lady, who is forced to marry. only to finally realize and come to her senses that she really does love her husband who shes was forced to marry, and is willing to do anything and everything it takes to be with him.

cute story, cute ending. 

Treading Dangerous Waters by: Victoria Marquez
Who knew you could actually fall inlove with some in matter of a few days?
This story follows a young lady, who is willing to go all out to help her aunt and her future uncle, only to find herself falling inlove with someone unexpectedly. 

another cute story! 

OVERALL, I give this book 5 stars. 4 cute stories that are well written, and that will keep you craving for more! 
It will leave you "Hot And Bothered" ;)