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Just a small town girl who loves to read. 

24 years young. horror fan, foodie, bookworm, blogger, wrestling fan, photographer. 

I'll pretty much read anything, but my favourites are true crime and romance. 

Gonna put reading on hold tonight. Got a migraine from hell

since the 2017 is coming to end. Is any of my followers getting their reading goal for 2018 picked out? I am hoping to read either 25 or 30 books next year and hoping it nail it next year, as these past years have really sucked for me.

(Discussion Time)-Do You?

Just wanna start a Discussion with my Booklikes followers.

How many books do you read at a time? i've read articles that its a good idea to read more then one book at a time.

Do y'all think that is a good idea? just want your thoughts. 

Reblogged from Angels With Attitude Book Reviews:
Reblogged from Angels With Attitude Book Reviews:

Reading lists know-how

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We love reading lists! They are great to plan your reading ahead, read the books in a series in a right order, and discover new titles. Telling the truth the reading lists make a huge contribution to our growing TBR pile!


Let's have a look at BookLikes reading list option by creating a Thanksgiving themed books reading list! Ready?


Where to find reading lists on BookLikes?


That's easy. When you're logged into your BookLikes click the main menu on the left, hover over Apps and click Reading lists. 




Reading Lists Main Page


The main page of the Reading lists is a showroom of the lists created by the community, you can search the list either via the search box on the right (type in a book title, a tag or a list name to find the reading lists) or look through the following sections: 


  • New reading lists - the lists that have been recently created by the BookLikes community
  • Most liked - the list which received the highest number of likes/hearts (you can like/heart each list once you click the list title and click the heart icon)
  • Created by people you follow - the lists added by bloggers you follow
  • Picked by people you follow - the lists the bloggers you follow signed in for


On the right you'll see the lists added by you (you can edit them anytime) as well as the spot to create a new list. 



Important: a reading list is always linked to a person who added the list and only the list's creator can edit or delete the list. You can, however, use the comment section to add you own ideas and start a reading list discussion. 



Finding Reading Lists


When you click on one of the lists' sectors (the ones we discussed above: new, most liked, created/picked by people you follow) you'll see the view with the additional reading list options.



You can filter the reading list by the category/tag or find the lists added or selected by your friends.


You can also sort them by the list name, add date, number of books, popularity (members signed in) and the number of likes/hearts. 



A reading list


When you spot a list that you find interesting, click the list title to view all the book selected for the list. 



On the single reading list page you'll find the following information:

  • the list name
  • who created the list
  • the list description
  • the % of read and shelved titles with reference to your BookLikes shelf


You can also:

  • like/heart the list (the notification will be published on your Dashboard so your followers will know about your pick)
  • sign in to the list (the notification will be published on your Dashboard so your followers will know about your pick)
  • add all books from the list to your bookshelf (a new bookshelf with the list's name will be created automatically on your shelf)
  • add a separate title to your shelf with +Shelf option
  • write a post about a titles with +Post option
  • share the reading list with your fiends on your social media 


When you scroll all the way down you'll spot several more options:


  • you can add your comment, share your view, add your opinion in the comment section below the list (once you comment, you'll receive the notifications about new comments)
  • the list of categories/tags for the list
  • you can sign up for the list
  • you'll see the avatars of bloggers who signed up for the list


How to add a reading list on BookLikes?


To add a new reading list go to the Reading list page and click Create a list on the right.



Fill up the reading list form with the following information:

  • List name - the readers will know what sort of books the list presents
  • Description - tell the readers why have you selected the books, what the list is about or provide a source of the list
  • Private list - decide whether the list should be visible to all readers or only to you
  • Comments - select yes if you want other readers to comment the list
  • Notification - select yes if you want to receive a notification when a reader interacts with your list
  • Tags - add tags what the list is about
  • Categories - select the categories/genres of the books you want to include in the list
  • Add book - add the first book in your list, then continue 



Along with the books you can also add a short note refering to the given title. It can be a short review, a quote, a sentence of recommendation or simply why you like the title. 


You can also change the order of the selected book or remove the title from the list. 


When you're done don't forget to click Create list at the top.


If you wish to edit the list in order to change the description, add/remove books, change the private settings, go to your reading list OR go to your list of lists on the main reading page on the right and click Edit. 



The reading list view 


 The reading list main page view


Remember to go back to the top to SAVE all the new edits done to your reading list.


Once the reading list is ready you can share it on your social media channels, you can also send the reading list link to your friends seeking reading inspirations -- the reading list will be visible for non-BookLikes members.


In fact, all reading lists are visible for non-BL members. The reading list main page presents all the lists with the list searching and sorting options on the top of the page. 



And don't forget to check the Thanksgiving reading list!

It's HERE (click)



To all US book lovers:


Happy reading!

even turkeys love to read ;)
even turkeys love to read ;)

Just wanna wish all my American booklikes followers a happy thanksgiving! :) 

Reading progress update: I've read 260 out of 512 pages.

Buckhorn Beginnings: SawyerMorgan (Hqn) - Lori Foster

Guess I get to read for a full 2 hours depending on traffic! 

Heading to the big city for a few days. Hey, on the plus I maybe I get to gona bookstore. Lol lol lol lol lol lol 


imma get killed if I bring home anymore books. (I’m joking) lol 

sending good vibes
sending good vibes

Saturday night plans: going to get in the tub, then finish up a few english assignments, then reading and watching Iive pd for the rest of the night! 

happy weekend vibes to everyone! 

DO You?

Question for all my book like followers. 

Do y’all review and rate a book even if you didn’t finish it?! 

I just want everyone’s opinion on this. 


"Even a Disney princess loves to read"
"Even a Disney princess loves to read"

Heading to bed, goodnight my booklikes followers <3 

Relaxing in bed reading. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 512 pages.

Buckhorn Beginnings: SawyerMorgan (Hqn) - Lori Foster

*Review* Hot And Bothered by Lori Foster, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Victoria Marquez

Hot and Bothered - Victoria Marquez, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Lori Foster

Who doesn't love 4 short steamy stories in one?!?!

Luring Lucy by: Lori Foster 
Bram could get any woman he wanted but instead he was his eyes and heart set one woman, that woman's name is Lucy, a widow with 2 kids

This story is one of my favourites. Just love the chemistry Bram and Lucy share. just sad how shirt this story is, this story deserves more!!!

Truth Or Dare by: Laura Bradley

Who doesn't love a hardcore bullrider?!
This story follows a undercover PI named Shay McIntyre who is investigating some serious mysterious incidents at a rodeo, only to find herself playing with the biggest bull of them all, and his name is Luke Wider.

This story is another one my favourite of mine. Towards the end, it had me at the edge of my seat.

Compromised by Gayle Callen
This story follows a rich young lady, who is forced to marry. only to finally realize and come to her senses that she really does love her husband who shes was forced to marry, and is willing to do anything and everything it takes to be with him.

cute story, cute ending. 

Treading Dangerous Waters by: Victoria Marquez
Who knew you could actually fall inlove with some in matter of a few days?
This story follows a young lady, who is willing to go all out to help her aunt and her future uncle, only to find herself falling inlove with someone unexpectedly. 

another cute story! 

OVERALL, I give this book 5 stars. 4 cute stories that are well written, and that will keep you craving for more! 
It will leave you "Hot And Bothered" ;)

Reading progress update: I've read 240 out of 320 pages.

Hot and Bothered - Victoria Marquez, Laura Bradley, Gayle Callen, Lori Foster


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